Month: September 2020

Access to the funds you need!

Tax Deductible Business Loans

The Truth About Tax Deductible Business Loans

In comparison to household taxes, business taxes are just as delicate to navigate. Especially after taking out a business loan, fulfilling your tax obligations isn’t as simple as you’d expect. Loans can sufficiently cover business expenses or even keep your operations from failing. Depending on your company’s financial health, the tax implications may vary—let’s find…
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Small Business Loan

How to Get Your Small Business Loan Approved ASAP

Small business owners often have to deal with shelling out their hard-earned savings to start something. You have likely heard stories online of people selling things to start their businesses, which is true for many smaller entrepreneurs. There is nothing wrong with this because for any business to become successful, it has to offer something…
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Business Loan Application

4 Mistakes SME Owners Make in Their Business Loan Application

Managing a business that falls within the classification of Small-To-Medium Enterprise (SME) is a challenge—and at some point, you will need extra funds to keep your operations going. This is when you may think of turning to lenders for a business loan.  Unfortunately, not all business loan applications get approved. To add to the difficulty…
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business loans

An Australian Business’s Guide to the Importance of Loans

Running a business, above all else, is a kind of task that entails having a whole lot of passion, patience, and practicality. After all, for most businesses, missing out on just one component will throw all other efforts off! From the process of setting the framework of your operations to getting your marketing tactics right,…
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Personal Loan Repayment

How to Pilot Your Personal Loan Repayment During the Coronavirus

Australian businesses haven’t yet absorbed the devastating financial impact of the Coronavirus, leaving thousands unable to repay personal loans. Due to lack of trade and the rapid closure of non-essential businesses, many are forced out of once-thriving careers. If you find yourself unable to shoulder the cost of your personal loan, consider the following relief…
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Start-Up Business Loan

What to Expect When You Take Out a Start-Up Business Loan

Many business ideas deserve a chance to become a reality. Unfortunately, not all of them see the light because they can’t find adequate funding. Small businesses and start-ups often struggle to qualify for loans because they have to prove that their idea is profitable.  Unlike real estate, small business ventures are bigger gambles because they…
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