5 Considerations Lenders Make Before Giving a Business Loan

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5 Considerations Lenders Make Before Giving a Business Loan

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Getting capital for a small business can seem daunting to undertake. Many lenders are doubtful about small business loans due to the uncertainties surrounding success. Today’s market can be cutthroat and unforgiving to those who fail to innovate and perform. While larger enterprises can easily find ways to finance their big projects easily, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not have that luxury. COVID-19 has also added scepticism on the parts of money lenders, which may make loans harder to secure. 

No matter how scary it may seem to start up a small business, always remember that the local economy needs SMEs to survive and thrive long term. By taking on a business loan, this can provide enough capital and resources to start or even upgrade operations. Here are some tried and tested elements that allow small businesses to secure a loan as quickly as possible:

A Good Business Plan Is a Must

Having a plan shows the lender that you have a vision in mind for the company at hand. By considering all the points of starting any business, such as its structure, products, ways to create revenue, and the repayment plan, this puts lenders at ease. Planning can provide a proper roadmap that projects business growth over time, which is precisely what money lenders want to see. 

Know the Duration of the Business

The longer the business is projected to last, the higher the chances are to secure a loan. Shorter scale ones are typically deemed as less financially stable and generate fewer returns, which means bad things for repayment. If an SME has a good plan to sustain for an extended period, their loans are likely to be approved. 

Remember that when starting a business, real returns do not come in until after a year or two of constant management. This means that paying off the initial costs of the loan will come after a sustained period of operations that will generate maximum revenue. 

Consider the Purpose Of the Loan

If you are taking a loan to upgrade machinery or equipment so your company can serve people better, you’ll likely have your loan approved. If a loan is being taken for something that is perceived to be for personal interest, then lenders may think twice. 

Take a Look at Your Credit Score

Business loans are usually reliant on a person’s credit score. You can build a good score by taking out loans for cars, using credit cards, and even mortgage loans. The only thing that will make it increase is by paying the bills back by the deadlines. When a person fails to pay bills on time or goes bankrupt due to failed businesses, these negatively impact credit ratings. 

The higher a person’s credit history is, the better chances there will be for approval of any business loan. 

Check the Flexibility of the Business

COVID-19 has created plenty of uncertainties, and the more adaptable a business appears to be, the more chances that lenders will be confident in its survival. Considering the options and possibilities of failure, then making plans to combat these are important in the survival of a pandemic-born enterprise. 


Taking on a small business loan can be challenging to do, especially considering the world situation in 2020. As long as your business has a solid foundation to build upon, with grand plans for success, you’ll show investors and lenders that they can be confident in lending you money. 

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