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3 Great Investments to Make Using a Small Business Loan

So you’ve gotten a head start on the competition and are now diving into the world of entrepreneurship. Many proprietors struggle in the initial stages of running a company, as this is where the challenges and difficulties surface. Startup companies and other small businesses often fail to make it past the primary growth phases because…
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4 Qualities to Look for in a Business Lender

Running a business involves taking care of seemingly endless responsibilities and ticking off boxes in an infinite to-do list. No business owner would want to stress about having enough money to repay suppliers or take care of tomorrow’s problems, leaving little to no room to grow their business.  For this reason, business owners take start-up…
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5 Questions to Ask before Applying for a Business Loan

Whether you are a startup needing a bigger capital or an established local business looking to expand, a business loan may be something that you are considering. There’s nothing wrong with that because most companies have to get a loan at one point or another. However, taking out a small business loan may be more…
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Unsecured Loans for Growth: An Australian Business’s Guide

As a business owner, you may have become familiar with the fact that growing a company is an effort that involves shelling out sweat and tears. From the moment you decide to work on your product and service to produce a deliverable product to the day you decide on an expansion, the hard work will…
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The Things You Need Before Applying for a Business Loan

One of the most common reasons for business failure is undercapitalization. Failing to start off with the right amount of money can severely hamper the operations and lifespan of a business. Depending on the type of organisation you are launching, insufficient funds can also limit the products and services you can provide and make it…
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Unsecured Vs. Secured Business Loans: Which Is Better?

When you think of business loans, the terms “unsecured” and “secured” quickly come into mind. While there are many considerations to each, only one of these types of business loans will benefit a small business more than the other—which is why it’s essential to look into it deeper to assure you’re getting what you need. …
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3 Reasons to Apply for a Business Loan at the EOFY

Every company knows that the end of the financial year (EOFY) is the most important time to stay on top of their finances. As the year draws to a close, businesses must carefully examine their records and identify tax deductions to save as much money as possible. However, not many companies consider applying for a…
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Common Business Loan Myths Debunked: Our Professional Guide

You may have a revolutionary product or service that you want to introduce to the world, but you cannot do so without having enough funding. That’s why you need to consider applying for a business loan to help get your entrepreneurial dreams going. However, you may have your reservations because of the things you’ve heard…
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Why You Should Consider an Unsecured Business Loan

Sufficient funding is crucial in every business. Fortunately, there are many ways to seek funding, like applying for an unsecured business loan. You can use the money to help your business stay afloat during difficult times and pay for regular operational expenses.  Applying for an unsecured startup business loan is ideal if you cannot qualify…
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Funding Your New Business: A Guide for Startup Owners

Starting a business is the ultimate dream for many workers because it allows them to work their own hours, pursue their passions, and become their own boss. Unfortunately, turning that dream into reality takes lots of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, money.  If you are one of those who are aspiring to become a…
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