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3 Tips to Help You Successfully Apply for a Business Loan – Our Guide

Many businesses, especially new ones, rely on loans to kickstart their operations. Other companies rely on loans to invest in new assets to support new activities to increase revenue. In other words, loans are integral resources that companies can use in a variety of ways, all of which are beneficial for business. Unfortunately, getting a…
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4 Situations a Business Loan Can Be Extremely Helpful

The world of business is one that always changes, and that means your business should be the same. It should not sit still and remain stagnant. Instead, it should continuously grow and change to ensure you maximize your profits from the current market. That said, some opportunities may present themselves that require finances you do…
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Emergency Business Loan

Is an Emergency Business Loan Right for You? The Pros & Cons

All businesses, whether big or small, will eventually face financial challenges. During this time, you need to do what you can if you want to sustain the business. One beneficial way to help you get through a tough time is an emergency business loan. If you consider applying for this loan, here are the things…
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Predatory Lending

Predatory Lending: An Australian Business’s Guide

Whether you’ve heard of this term on the news, talked about it with a friend or read about it online, there’s no doubt that predatory lending raises much concern and intrigue. As borrowing experiences in Australia (and the lending industry, as a whole) grow even more common, the topic in question becomes more frequently mentioned…
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4 Tips to Keep Your Finances in Check and Improve Cash Flow

When running a business, managing its finances is something you have to master as soon as possible. After all, money is the lifeblood of the company, and if it runs out, the business dies. That said, new and small businesses tend to face many financial problems due to a lack of resources, especially compared to large enterprises. This also means they may not have the resources to invest in professional help to take care of the business’ finances.

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4 Ways to Use Small Business Loans

Starting a business can be the most liberating experience of your life. There is plenty you can learn as a proprietor, whether it is in the management side or dealing with finances. The world of managing a company is a very jam-packed one, and there is a lot of work to be done daily. Not everyone has a comfortable experience with entrepreneurship, and it is definitely a hustle that needs a lot of effort. Being a proprietor is more than just the operations side of things. Many are swayed from starting out because of the often exorbitant costs of the startup phase.

Reopening Your Business Post-COVID

3 Key Steps to Take in Reopening Your Business Post-COVID

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 outbreak has significantly impacted all businesses across the globe. While most companies have to close temporarily, many others had to shut down completely due to financial difficulties. However, in recent months, some businesses have already reopened with strict safety measures set in place. The question is, what awaits for most businesses soon after the COVID-19 crisis?

Business Financing

Understanding Your Business Financing Options: What to Know

Venturing into the business world can be an exhilarating prospect, especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur. Armed with a well-written business plan and a promising product or service, you’re ready to show the world what your brand has. One crucial aspect of your business venture will be the finances, which can be done through business loans.

Business Loan

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Business Loan

When it comes to start-up business loans, you’ll run into no shortage of financial support. However, coming across a fair deal doesn’t mean you can overlook its terms and conditions.  Perhaps you’ll accumulate a handsome profit but become unable to renew your loan contract or have to pay more in administrative fees than you initially…
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Partner Buyout Loan

A Quick Guide to Getting a Partner Buyout Loan for Your Business

Managing a business with a co-owner is great, especially if you know your partner on a deep level and have formed a strong professional relationship in your time working together. But if things suddenly change and one of you decides that it’s time to start following different goals, it’s possible to go your separate ways.…
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