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What You Need to Know About Getting a Business Loan

One main concern when thinking of setting up your own business is finding out how to finance it. Getting a business loan may be a good way to deal with financial concerns, but the available options might be confusing or overwhelming for business owners, especially the first-timers.  You don’t have to panic though. All you…
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3 Ways to Get a Business Loan Even With a Bad Credit Score – Our Guide

Regardless if you’re a private individual or a business entity, banks and big lending companies still look through your credit history. They believe that this reflects your financial performance and stability. Reviewing your credit history also helps them see how you manage your financial commitments. As such, if you have bad credit, you will have…
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5 Main Factors That Affect Equipment Finance Interest Rates

As you plan to open your own business or look for ways to further business growth, one of the most essential things you need to consider is the funding source. If you don’t have enough working capital to begin or advance your business, the prospect business loans are paramount. This is particularly vital for your…
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Is Your Business Ready for Growth? & 3 Other Questions to Ask Yourself

No matter what kind of operation you’re running, how many clients you’re servicing, or how big your current set-up may be, the chances are that you’ve got one goal in mind at the end of the tunnel: to grow and thrive. When it comes to small competitors, in particular, Australia’s business landscape is packed with…
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4 Reasons Small Companies Should Obtain Business Loans – What to Know

When talking about a business loan, the idea of starting a company may come to mind. Loanees will reach out to prospective banks, financial institutions, and other lenders to seek funding for their startup business. However, small-scale companies also obtain business loans for a handful of reasons, such as a way to grow and expand…
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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Loans: Should You Get One During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has bettered economies around the world, forcing millions of people into unemployment. Australia has not been spared, and across the country, business doors continue to be shut, sometimes for good. Thankfully, there is some relief in sight. The Australian government has passed legislation for the $130 billion JobKeeper Payment, which allows more…
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Business Loan Scams: Our Guide to Avoiding Them

When you’re on a limited budget but want to establish your business, business loans are the way to go. However, opportunists know that business loans have a growing demand. They have developed schemes to trick unsuspecting people into giving them their money with the goal of not fulfilling their promises.  Take note that not all…
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5 Steps to Take for Your Business to Survive COVID-19 – Our Guide

During these past few months, a lot of the sectors of the global economy took a hit and have been paralyzed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a business owner, it can be tough to navigate the market during a global crisis, especially when most consumers are self-isolating. While the times are dire due to…
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Our Simple Guide to Getting Approved for a Business Loan

When you plan to start a business, expand your company, or invest in new equipment, seeking funding is the most crucial part. If you don’t have ample capital, the next logical course of action is to borrow money from a lending institution. Fortunately, government agencies, banks, and other financial institutions do provide business loan options…
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Business Loans: How Beneficial Are They & When Do I Apply for One?

A business loan is exactly as it sounds. It serves to provide funding to certain companies that need money for a handful of business purposes. Just like any loan, businesses get either lump sum of cash or they can get the money in instalments. They’ll have to pay for this in a particular loan term…
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